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Featuring everything from animals shows and tram rides through Deer Park, to historical treasures like Grant’s Cabin and The Bauernhof, Grant’s Farm has something special to offer for the whole family.

Watch one of our many exciting Animal Shows, including elephants or tropical birds or visit Tier Garten, feed the goats, glance at a kangaroo, tortoise or one of our many types of animals. Learn more about our Animal Attractions.
The Bauernhof, German for “farmstead”, was built in 1913 and was the first building constructed on the Busch family estate. Learn more about The Bauernhof.
Grant’s Farm is home to approximately 25 Clydesdale mares, gelding, stallions and foals. Stop by the Clydesdale Stable to see some of these beautiful  creatures. Learn more about the Clydesdale Stables.
In 1855, Ulysses S. Grant started sawing and notching the logs that would be used to build a four-room, two-story cabin on 80  acres of land southwest of St. Louis. The cabin was completed in just three days with the help of friends thus Grant established  his farm and named it “Hardscrabble.” Learn more about Grant’s Cabin.
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