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Anheuser-Busch / International Brotherhood of Teamsters Contract Negotiations Statement

Company and Union representatives successfully concluded contract
negotiations and reached tentative agreement on all local, national and economic
The Brewery and Soft Drink Workers Conference, the Teamsters National
Bargaining Committee, and all locals have unanimously recommended this
agreement for ratification.
Negotiations were completed well ahead of contract expiration on 2/29/09. From
the beginning, the parties had professional and timely discussions of all the
The new agreement calls for a five-year contract that protects health and welfare
benefits for employees and their families. It also provides for substantial pension
and wage increases that continue to place Anheuser-Busch employees at the top
of the brewing industry.
The agreement will be submitted for ratification and provides employees with
other economic improvements including the opportunity for a $1,000 ratification
bonus, assuming that employees ratify it on the first vote. This ratification will
mean continuing job security for Anheuser-Busch employees as outlined in the
Company’s good faith contractual commitment to keep all 12 breweries open
during the term of the new agreement. All terms and conditions including
economics will be effective upon ratification.
_____________________ ________________________
Gary Rutledge Jack Cipriani
Vice President Director, Brewery and Soft Drink
Legal and Government Affairs Workers Conference
Anheuser-Busch Companies International Brotherhood of Teamsters
October 3, 2008

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